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In SAR ZONE we believe that Impossible is just an Algorithms yet to be Cracked.
SAR ZONE works with you from the initial concept stage of your Software/Hardware requirement.

SAR ZONE Utilize industrial best practices, our team can help you visualize and fine-tune your Software/Hardware application early on. We then take it through world-class design and development using our one of the best software house in Faisalabad and best software house in Islamabad, leading to a carefully planned roll-out and backed by a highly reliable on-going technical support. Our custom Software/Hardware development services cater to a variety of organization sizes, types, and business needs.

Innovative ideas

SAR ZONE work on the basis of latest technology. We provide the new ideas to clients so that they chose best for themselves. Our all projects are reliable on then basic of innovations. Our Software House in Faisalabad and Software House in Islamabad has multiple products which are innovative and at service of our clients.

Design And Development

The team of SAR ZONE creates a specification of a software artifact intended to accomplish goals, using a set of primitive components and subject to constraints. Software design usually involves problem-solving and planning a software solution.


Our team at SAR ZONE use a graphical representation of information and data. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools we provide an accessible way to client to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data..


24 Hours Support to Our Clients

We with Software House in Faisalabad and a Software House in Islamabad are here for you 24'o clock for your help and for your support. We can give a quick response on your complain and your requires are on our first priority.

From our team you can get a 100% response back.

By sending a details you can get a appropriate solution of your difficulties. Quick response is our first duty .You can get a free advice from our manager, and from the polite staff of our company. Not even that you can freely gives your opinions on your projects.



In SAR ZONE the work is performed under the instructions of seniors is done efficiently. In SAR ZONE at software house in Faisalabad and software house in Islamabad all the work is performed under the instruction of CEO or by the instructions of senior developer.

Monitoring provides a right way to do a work in a efficient way. By this the work done is accurate and has no issues.


Following are the services offered by SAR ZONE


We at SAR ZONE are capable to find a solution to the problems through Automation. No matter what if it is Home or Industrial Automation. This also includes services for disables such as robotic arm or EEG based home automation for paralyzed.

Software, Website & Mob App Development

We at SAR Zone believes in one window solution. We have two software house one software house in Faisalabad and other software house in Islamabad. A simple software is no software, as it is outdated when you have to enter the data manually. We develop interactive and AI based software, Websites and Mobile Apps to cater all the requirements of our valuable customer.

Wireless Communications

SAR Zone deals in all types of wireless communication. We have expertise in base stations and simple hams. We provide the complete solution along with the encryption

3D designing

Our Team at SAR ZONE extends our services in the field of design & simulation of 3D solutions at our facility. We work for the most effective and best design or we can also make custom design as per order.

Internet Of Things

We at SAR ZONE believe that with the invent in technology it is your divine right to get the control of your home, office, go down or any place you own on your hand all the time. So we have solution to all type of control over internet.


We at SAR ZONE have our very own design of CNC which will work in the best precision of more than 0.1mm and will still cost you less. Or if you need any type of assistance regarding CNC we are here to serve.

Technical Assistance

We are always ready to provide our share of input in your projects. We provide complete step to step guide for your project or can be a partner in your project for technical part.

Industrial Chemicals & Spare parts

We have a wide range of solutions for the industries at any scale. We can provide you with chemicals of your need to the spare parts of your machine.

Vehicle Tracking

We have a range of systems which suites your budget and need. You are a fleet manager or fleet owner we have a system which suites your requirements. We also care for personal car owners we have a system for them too.


Knowledge is the wealth that is to be distributed. Following this concept SAR ZONE offers multiple courses for the public which includes Web Dev, IOT, MOB App dev, CNC and many more.


Top talents want professional work and development that lead to career growth. That is why people chose our company.


People need satisfaction in their projects. SAR ZONE ensures that you get a complete satisfaction in your projects.


In SAR ZONE you get a quick response on your requests, on your projects and on your demands.


We have a well-mannered and a cooperative staff that were so polite and helpful in any case or in any type of guidance that you want.






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Our Team

Our Portfolio

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(Home Automation for Paralyzed)

SAR Zone has developed a device which helps the paralyzed to control the basic electrical appliances by their thinking,


We provide customized 3 Axis CNC machines for you every need ranging from Air and Water Cooled Routers, Lasers and Plasma cutting machines. All the CNC are manufactured by SAR according to the customized needs Read More

ARD (Automatic Driving License)

SAR Zone has been working with Islamabad Traffic Police and National Institute of Electronics for the development of ARD.

(Allied Hospital Management)

The management system of Allied Hospital Faisalabad has been developed by the SAR Zone Faisalabad Branch.

(Pearl Marquee Management)

The marquees always had to keep a register and find the availability of booking date is an hectic task. We at SAR Zone devolved a fully automated system with multiple panels at multiple levels for all categories in Marquee Management.

POS for Sultan Trader

SAR Zone has build a full control POS for Sultan Trader for complete management of inventory, sale and accounts.

Portal For Property Management

SAR Zone developed a property portal for Property 051. The portal consist of complete management for real-estate with latest features.


(OTM-100 for Pakistan Army)

OTM-100 is an offline management and tracking system for vehicles. It does not use any sort of GSM GPRS or Internet service for communication. This system was devolved to ensure data privacy for sensitive vehicles. This system is devolved and is yet to be installed. Read More

(Wireless Communication MSM)

SAR Zone provided and setup wireless communication Service for MSM Securitas and it has been deployed to various stations, Read More

Erp for Gatwala Comericial Hub

Sar Zone provide an efficient tool to Gatwala comercial hub for the maintainence of their whole project. By which the chances of lost of data and the calculation of their payment records are secured and and easy to performed.we provide all the it services to them.


Erp for SUZUKI Canal Motors

Sar Zone help the suzuki canal motor for the maintance of the the whole work that is performed by them .by this erp system they keep th record of their employes their salaries of thier employes.BY ERP SYSTEM THEy ADMIT THAT they got defficiency in the lose.



Our team involves representatives of the software sustainment team to ensure that the architectural configuration and design mechanisms provide a context for customer and product support.

(Core Team)

Muhammad Shahzaib

Chief Executive Officer & Founder Email: Phone: +923333068686

Engr. Abdul Muqeet

Chief Operational Officer & Co-Founder Email: Phone: +923000470930

Adnan Sheikh

Chief Software Developer Email: Phone: +923035008889

Malik Muhammad Hashim

Chief Technical officer

(Management Team)

Gulzaib Aslam

Logistics Manager Email: Phone: +923336333687

Engr. Gulam Fareed

Business Developer Email: Phone: +923336333687

(Development Team)

Abu Baker Pervaiz

Developer Email: Phone: +923040235224

Salman Maqbool

Junior Developer Phone: +923070161173

Ali Shahbaz

Junior Developer Email: Phone: +923041486422

Adnan Akram

Junior Developer Email Phone: +923067011601

( Legal Advisor)


Legal Advisor Email:

Our Main Clients

We have a list of clients out of which some of the main clients are as follow:

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